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Ethnically motivated incidents in Kosovo and Metohija, 2021 Negotiation process with Pristina Operational Factsheet
Time elapsed since assuming the obligation of establishing CSM
Year Month Week Day
8 104 456 3196

Ethnically motivated incidents in Kosovo and Metohija, 2021


1) 07/01 The Vučković family house in the village of Babin Most, in Municipality of Obilić was broken into;

2) 13/01 Petar Petković, Director of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija, was not allowed to enter;

3) 16/01 At the “Jarinje” CCP, a bus with 40 passengers carrying season’s gift packages for children was not allowed to enter;

4) 20/01 Inspection raided the Health Center in Štrpce, searching for covid-19 vaccines;

5) 28/01 Igor Popović, Assistant Director in the OKM, was not allowed to enter;


6) 02/02 Boban Ristić was wounded by firearms in Laplje Selo;

7) 03/02 KLA graffiti were inscribed on the Krstović family house in Goraždevac;

8) 03/02 The mast and flag by the Monument to Serbian victims in Goraždevac were broken;

9) 04/02 Archeological items were stolen from the Hermitage of St Petar of Korisha, near Prizren;

10) 05/02 The Jovanović family house in the village of Mogila in Municipality of Kosovska Vitina was broken into;

11) 10/02 A KLA Billboard was placed in Čaglavica, near Priština;

12) 10/02 The Vučković family house in the village of Berkovo in Municipality of Klina was broken into;

13) 13/02 The TV PINK and TV Kraljevo crews were not allowed to enter;

14) 15/02 The RTS crew, filming the series „The Right to Tomorrow“ was not allowed to enter;

15) 26/02 Serbian boy M.M. was stabbed by Albanians in Kosovska Mitrovica;

16) 28/02 Team of the Arilje Handball Club was not allowed to enter;


17) 03/03 A Serbian house in Gračanica was broken into, money and personal documents were stolen;

18) 04/03 Two Goranis in Globočica were wounded by two Albanian men;

19) 05/03 Serbian boy L.P. was hit in Gračanica by car with an Albanian driver who fled the scene;

20) 06/03 On All Souls’ Day, Orthodox church of St. Peter in the village of Klokot, Municipality of Kosovska Vitina, was broken into and some money was stolen;

21) 06/03 On All Souls’ Day, Orthodox church of Holy Trinity in the village of Parteš, Municipality of Gnjilane, was broken into, and from it were stolen money, a hand-made shroud and an icon;

22) 07/03 A tombstone in the graveyard of the village of Binač was stolen;

23) 07/03 A Serb restaurant-owner in the village of Šilovo, Municipality of Gnjilane, was shot in the leg by an Albanian;

24) 12/03 From the parish house under construction, next to the Church of the Holy Apostle Luke in the village of Vitomirica, Municipality of Peć, construction material was stolen;

25) 12/03 ROSU members searched the premises of the Municipality of Klokot, then searched the family house of the Municipality President and arrested him;

26) 13/03 Church of 40 Martyrs of Sebastes in the village of Drajkovce, Municipality of Štrpce, was broken into and its money was stolen;

27) 13/03 Church of St. Dimitri in the village of Donja Bitinja, Municipality of Štrpce, was broken into;

28) 15/03 Church of St. Kyriako in the village of Gornja Gušterica, Municipality of Gračanica, was broken into, demolished, and looted;

29) 16/03 At the “Jarinje” CCP, Ms. Svetlana Miladinov, Assistant Director in the OKM, was not allowed to enter;

30) 18/03 Church of St. Marko in the village of Šilovo, Municipality of Gnjilane, was broken into, and its money and sound system were looted;

31) 25/03 KLA graffiti were inscribed on the wall of the Health Center in the village of Suvi Do;

32) 27/03 At the “Tabalije” CCP, the Kosovo Police did not allow 17 football players of the FC „Šumadija“ to enter Kosovo and Metohija;

33) 30/03 Ms. Mila Anđelković, a returnee whose family house has been illegally occupied by the Albanians, was arrested;


34) 10/04 Serbian youngsters Marko Nikolić and Miloš Rošić, while sitting in a cafe in the north of Kosovska Mitrovica, were attacked by bottles;

35) 12/04 Health clinic in the village of Gojbulja, in Municipality of Vučitrn was broken into;

36) 13/04 Teenager Luka Dimitrijević was attacked in Gračanica;

37) 15/04 Albanian flags were waved followed with an attempt of incursion into the Clinical Hospital Center in the north of Kosovska Mitrovica;

38) 16/04 Petar Petković, Director of the OKM, was not allowed to enter;

39) 18/04 Ms. Tamara Grujić, a RTS journalist, was arrested in Vučitrn;

40) 18/04 The front door of the elementary school in Obilić were demolished;

41) 26/04 Lazar Đoršević and his family were attacked by Albanians, while at their own estate in the village of Gojbulja, in Municipality of Vučitrn;


42) 03/05 The Jaćović family house in Kosovska Vitina was stoned;

43) 03/05 A window was broken on the car belonging to the deacon in Orahovac;

44) 05/05 Miroslav Lukić from Velika Hoča sustained a broken nose after being physically attacked by three Albanians;

45) 06/05 On the St. George’s Day, a group of thugs attempted to remove the Serbian flag from the Bell tower of the church of Holy Apostles Peter and Paul in Klokot;

46) 06/05 The church of St. John the Baptist, located in the center of the City of Peć, also known as the Metropolitan Church, was stoned and a window got broken;

47) 09/05 The church of St. Petka in Kosovska Vitina was stoned;

48) 09/05 In the village of Suvi Do, Municipality of Kosovska Mitrovica, three shots were fired into the air from the passing vehicle;

49) 10/05 The church of Most Holy Mother of God in Lipljan was stoned;

50) 11/05 The house of returnees Radoje and Miloje Pumpalović in the village of Dubrava, Municipality of Istok, was attacked, for the fifth time within the timeframe of a year;

51) 20/05 The Jaćović family house in Kosovska Vitina was attacked once more;

52) 24/05 In the church of St. Petka in the village of Donja Šipašnica, Municipality of Kosovska Kamenica, front door was burglarized, church was ransacked, and its holy relics were stolen;

53) 26/05 The house of returnee Sreten Stojiljković, near Novo Brdo, was broken into, and his tools and firewood were stolen;

54) 26/05 An outbuilding belonging to Božidar Zdravković from the same village (Ćeranovica Hamlet, returnee village Klobukar, Novo Brdo) was burglarized and a stove was stolen;

55) 30/05 The signpost pointing to the Draganac Monastery in the Municipality of Novo Brdo was shattered.


56) 03/06 “Greater Albania” graffiti were inscribed on a Serbian home in Orahovac;

57) 10/06 Kosovo Police raided the Temple of Christ the Savior in Priština, after the liturgy;

58) 11/06 Ms. Darija Kisić Tepavčević, Minister of Labor, Employment, Veterans' Affairs, and Social Affairs, scheduled to hold lecture to students, was not allowed to enter Kosovo and Metohija;

59) 11/06 Hate graffiti were inscribed on the Temple of Christ the Savior. Kosovo Police stood by, passively watching the desecration as it went on;

60) 12/06 Two buses carrying Serbian athletes and Christians believers was returned from the “Jarinje” CCP

61) 14/06 Graves of families Stojanović and Šarić in Orahovac were desecrated;

62) 19/06 A bus carrying 50 Christians believers from the parts of Central Serbia on route for the All Souls’ Day to Kosovo and Metohija;

63) 20/06 Electrical installation in the church of St. Uroš in Uroševac was stolen;

64) 21-22/06 Minister Vanja Udovičić was not allowed to enter into Kosovo and Metohija;

65) 21/06 The front door of the church of holy Apostles Peter and Paul in the village of Talinovac near Uroševac was shattered, electrical installation taken down, and icons thrown around;

66) 24/06 The family house of Staniša Stojanović in the village of Babin Most, Municipality of Obilić, was broken into, looted, ransacked, and the money was stolen;

67) 26/06 A group of Serbian mountaineers was banned from hiking to the top of the Šar Mountain starting from Štrpce and the Brezovica Ski Center;

68) 27/06 Repeated assaults against Dragica Gašić, the first ever Serbian woman returnee into Đakovica, coupled with the stoning of her apartment, pasting photos of deceased people, and announced protests of NGOs with requests for her eviction;

69) 28/06 Stopping the vehicles with Serbian license plates on the road to Gazimestan while on way to celebrate Vidovdan, seizure of any Serbian symbols; a nun was searched, and a Montenegrin citizen was arrested and, two days later, remanded to a 30-day custody;

70) On that same day, several Serbian people were arrested just because they were singing the Đurđevdan song and uploading videos to social networks;

71) 29-30/06 In the Gračanica Monastery, the tricolor of the Serbian Orthodox Church was stolen, and the mast on the monastery gate was broken. The photos of the desecrated church were posted on social networks, also depicting a black-clad Albanian holding the flag of “Greater Albania”. Few hours later, there was a video on social networks with that same masked Albanian burning the stolen flag;

72) 30/06 Dragica Gašić was forbidden to install an armored door in her apartment, and the door got confiscated;

73) 30/06 Four persons from Čačak were apprehended at Gazimestan on June 28, brought and interrogated before a prosecutor, over their T-shirts captioned “No Surrender”. According to them, those T-shirts were found in the trunk of their vehicle with Čačak license plates. They were questioned by prosecutor without interpretation, because the alternative to it, as they were informed, was to wait until the next day. They were fined with EUR 400, which they did not pay immediately, so the Kosovo Police system withheld their ID cards;

74) 30/06 In Lipljan, a group of Albanians prevented several Serbian boys and girls to set up a basketball hoop in a local park;


75) 01/07 An “ALBANIA UCK” graffiti appeared overnight on a billboard presenting the Monastery of Gračanica on the Gračanica – Laplje Selo road;

76) 01/07 A group of Albanians has beaten up a 13-year-old boy, Nikola P, tearing off the cross around his neck and leaving him in bruises and contusions;

77) 06/07 Municipality of Đakovica filed legal action with the Basic Court in Đakovica requesting annulment of contract on renting apartment to Ms. Dragica Gašić, together with an injunction;

78) 08/07 The tires on the vehicle belonging to Vuksan Gojković, a friend of Dragica Gašić, parked in the vicinity of her apartment, were punctured and its Novi Pazar license plates were removed;

79) 11/07 In Gračanica, the panel denominating the Municipality name was over-painted black;

80) 12/07 Ranko Bacić (age 67) from the village of Dolace near Klina was physically attacked by Albanians, and sustained severe bodily injuries to his face and arms;

81) 16/07 KLA graffiti were inscribed in front of the school in the village Binač, Municipality of Kosovska Vitina;

82) 18/07 Mr Veljko Odalović, President of the Commision on missing people, was not allowed to enter into Kosovo and Metohija;

83) 18/07 The church of St. Peter and Paul in the village of Brod, Municipality of Gora, was broken into and vandalized with “KLA” graffiti;

84) 20/07 Children’s playground in the village of Sušica. Municipality of Gračanica, was littered with graffiti “UCK”, “This is Albania”, “Albanian playground”;

85) 21/07 Srboljub Veselinović (80), internally displaced from Kosovo and Metohija, was detained for several hours at the “Jarinje” CCP and thereafter taken to interrogation in Priština, over an allegedly illegal logging;

86) 23/07 A group of Christian believers from NVOs “Dobročinstvo” and “Srpska omladina za Kosmet” on route to visit Christian temples in Kosovo and Metohija was banned from entering;

87) 27/07 The apartment of the sole Serbian returnee to Đakovica, Ms. Dragica Gašić, was broken into and the security camera, internet router, her personal belongings and food were stolen.


88) 05/08 The village of Prilepac in the Municipality of Ranilug, the birthplace of Emperor Lazar, was littered with graffiti displaying symbols of the terrorist KLA and messages glorifying "Greater Albania".

89) 09/08 While on his way home from grazing cattle, Nikola Perić (23) from the village of Zebinca near the town of Novo Brdo, was brutally beaten up by three Albanian men;

90) 13/08 On the anniversary of the heinous crime in Goraždevac, the center og Gračanica, witnessed a new KLA graffiti glorifying that terrorist organisation.

91) 13/08 In Gračanica, the second KLA inscription in the same day, this time on the home of Slavica Aleksić and three small children;

92) 17/08 Young Serb D.M.(20) was beaten by three Albanians in Bosnjacka Mahala;

93) 23/08 Twelve-year old boy Mihajlo S. was beaten in the center of Kosovska Kamenica by Albanian hooligans. He suffered from facial injuries and was admitted to hospital;


94) 01/09 The Trajković family house in Lipljan was broken into and robbed;

95) 03/09 The Director of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija, Mr Petar Petković was forbidden to visit the Serbian people in Kosovo and Metohija and deliver aid;

96) 09/09 The house of Mirjana Dedić (74) from Orahovac was stoned;

97) 10/09 The family home of Nebojša Grković, a retiree from Orahovac, was burgled.

98) 20/09 The authority in Priština sent ROSU units to Northern Kosovo and Metohija and began removing license plates with Serbian markings;

99) 22/09 The Kosovo Police detained three Serbian young men who were putting up a billboard in Gračanica "Welcome to the Community of Serbian Municipalities";

100) 22/09 The Kosovo Police officers charged Borislav Savić from the village of Suvi Do with two misdemeanor penalties and, in addition, confiscated his Serbian identity card;

101) 23/09 Dušan Jemuović, an RTS news reporter, has been repeatedly denied by the Kosovo Police to cross the Jarinje Common Crossing Point in his bid to cover the crisis unfolding in the north of Kosovo and Metohija;

102) 23/09 Members of ROSU beat up three young Serbian men in the vicinity of the Brnjak Common Crossing Point;

103) 25/09 Terrorist KLA graffiti inscribed on a house in the Serbian municipality of Klokot;

104) 27/09 A group of Serbs was attacked while being in the southern part of Kosovska Mitrovica in order to submit documents to the Agency for Agriculture;

105) 28/09 In the village of Vrbovac near Kosovska Vitina, in the presence of the Kosovo Police, members of the Fire Brigade removed the Serbian flag hoisted on the MTS broadcast relay station;

106) 30/09 During the change of ROSU units at the Jarinje and Brnjak Common Crossing Points, members of special forces wrecked a number of vehicles owned by Serbs;


107) 04/10 Local Orthodox church in the village of Jagnjenica, Municipality of Zubin Potok, was broken into and looted;

108) 12/10 - Stones were pelted at the family house of Rumena Ljubić, a retired teacher, the only Serbian woman living in the Peć downtown. Some material damage was caused;

109) 12/10 - Unknown persons broke into the private property and stole firewood from Mirjana Dedić (74), a resident in Orahovac. Only a month ago, her family house was pelted with stones;

110) 13/10 - The special KP units ROSU stormed into the towns of Kosovska Mitrovica North and Zvečan, using armored vehicles, and armed with various firearms, tear gas and smoke bombs, citing an alleged anti-smuggling operation. The ROSU fired shots at the gathered civilians who were protesting peacefully;

111) 13/10 – The ROSU operation left Srećko Sofronijević (36) with grave bodily trauma, as he was shot from behind. More than 10 people sought medical assistance;

112) 16/10 The home of the Jovanović family was looted as the robbers, while the household was asleep, broke into the house and stole a substantial sum of money, their personal documents and the family’s car;

113) 16/10 The crosses on the Family Šarić’ tomb in Orahovac were shattered. This family’s tomb has previously been desecrated several times by hooligans;

114) 17/10 The home of Sreten Stojiljković from the village of Klobukar, in the vicinity of Novo Brdo, was broken into and some home appliances were stolen;


115) 3/11 In the ethnically-mixed village of Mogila in the Municipality of Vitina, along the road were inscribed graffiti “Albania”, together with pejorative names for Serbs on the house walls;

116) 14/11. The Monument to Killed and Abducted Serbs in Velika Hoča was vandalized, with its cross broken, its mast torn down, and the flag from it stolen;

117) 19/11 Stojan Vasić' family home and backyard in the village of Cernica near Gnjilane were pelted with stones and bottles.

118) 23/11 Petar Petković, Director of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija, was not permitted to enter the Province, as he was planning to attend celebration of the Saint Patron's Day of the Dečani Monastery and to deliver aid to the people in need;

119) 28/11 The glass on the front door of the shop owned by Blagoje Radić in Orahovac was broken;


120) 02/12 For the fifth time this year, Priština’s authorities banned Dr. Petar Petković, Director of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija, from visiting the Province;

121) 03/12 The memorial plaque erected in Velika Hoča to honor abducted journalists Đuro Slavuj and Ranko Perenić, was torn down.

122) 6/12 The Albanian and the UCK flags were hoisted In Bošnjačka Mahala neighborhood in the northern part of Kosovska Mitrovica;

123) 14/12 The Radio Goraždevac press crew was verbally assaulted and disturbed by unidentified persons while conducting their journalistic work;

125) 21/12. Kosovo Police, with ROSU special forces, raided several villages in the municipality of Štrpce, fully armed, and while using force arrested 10 persons of Serbian nationality for alleged corruption and blocked the work of the municipality and normal functioning of the city;

126) 22/12. Members of the Kosovo Police raided the Mihajlović and Džaklić houses in Šilovo and searched them for several hours;

127) 26/12. Eight gravestones were broken at the Orthodox cemetery in Kišnica;

128) 27/12. The President of the Missing Persons Commission, Veljko Odalović, was forbidden from entering Kosovo and Metohija, where he was supposed to attend an important meeting of the Association of the families of missing and kidnapped persons;


Ethnically motivated incidents in Kosovo and Metohija, 2021 Negotiation process with Pristina Operational Factsheet
Time elapsed since assuming the obligation of establishing CSM
Year Month Week Day
8 104 456 3196