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Kozarev: Eleventh hour for the international community to react

December 03, 2018 Source: Tanjug

Appearing in the “Dan” program of the TV Most broadcasting outlet, Deputy Director of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija, Dušan Kozarev said that the situation in Kosovo and Metohija is getting more aggravated and threatens to escalate, and that therefore the decision of the deputies of the Serbian List to wait for Johannes Hahn in the Kosovo Assembly has been justified.

Dušan Kozarev

Photo: Office for Kosovo and Metohija

Kozarev stated that this is a way to draw attention of those who are mediators in the Dialogue and the guarantors of the agreements reached. The deputies intend to wait for Mr. Hahn with dignity, calmly and in a democratic manner, in a firm belief that it is eleventh hour for the EU to take decisive steps. The EU should put a stop to the unilateral commercial blockade of the CEFTA agreement, as the EU is its guarantor, Kozarev said.

“A humanitarian catastrophe in the 21st century blackens the honor of Europe, and must be prevented urgently,“ Kozarev said.

He said that halting the humanitarian aid, collected by the “Union of Women from Vračar” and carried by them to Kosovska Mitrovica, at the administrative crossing point of Jarinje, illustrates the degree of disorientation in Pristina. It is very illustrative to clearly see Pristina for what it is, if the humanitarian support for mother and children is prevented from entering the Province. Kozarev wondered if that meant that women and children endanger the security in Kosovo and Metohija, especially in the enclaves.

“All these are provocations by the Albanians. They are trying to drag us onto thin ice, and trigger out an emotional response. But we call on our people to remain calm and collected,“ Kozarev said.

This is yet another illustration that Serbia represents a desire for a normal life, while the other side is upset by assistance sent to babies.

A pact against Serbia announced by Enver Hoxhaj, is something that could not even be imagined in the modern world relations.

“Serbia is an open, European state, as proven by the policy conducted by the President Vučić, and is, therefore, the most attractive country in the Balkans when it comes to investments. Therefore, when someone makes a pact against such a Serbia, then it is, at the very least, a provocation, and deserves the attention of that part of the world that must react against those rattling with sabers,” Kozarev said.

It is now obvious that there is a massive wave of panic in Pristina, because it is becoming apparent that the opinion of the countries that had been in favor of unilateral independence has been changing. This is reflected in the statements made by the ambassadors and initiatives visible on a global scale, where the focus is the need for a Dialogue instead of a fait accompli as Pristina is trying to secure," Kozarev says.

However, the Serbs united in the Province and a unified Serbia, together with that part of the world that supports it, will never allow a humanitarian catastrophe. As long as the Albanians do not want any Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija, we must understand that we are at the edge of the abyss and we must not allow that.

The international community needs to realize that preventing the delivery of assistance for babies and burning cookies in Kačanik are not just provocations but an illustration of a genocidal manner of thinking, and that it is a high time to react.

For five and a half years, Serbs have believed that Albanians would follow through on their part of the Brussels Agreement, but instead have been treated with provocations, threats and beatings. That is why the Serbs now stand united, their political representatives and students standing on the bumper of the most elemental human values, and believe that the state of Serbia and President Aleksandar Vučić, along with the institutions, will always be with their people in Kosovo and Metohija, concluded Dušan Kozarev in the TV program “Dan”.

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